Rosamunda's Restaurant

The restaurant was founded by the owner as a tribute to the ancient and fascinating craft of baking. His mother Rosa came from a long line of bakers,
and he wanted to honour her legacy. In respect of authenticity, only 100% Italian wheat flour is used.

The bread, in all its variations, is the absolute star of Rosamunda's Restaurant, which also offers pizza made from dough leavened over 48 to 72 hours, very digestible, light, fragrant and seasoned with produce of the highest quality and typical desserts from the Italian tradition.

We offer classic homemade loaves, baguettes, wholemeal, five- or seven-grain breads, bread with seeds, nuts and other dried fruits, gourmet sandwiches for aperitifs and sliced bread. We endeavour to include seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin, herbs, vegetables and spices. We offer artisanal baked products according to the most authentic Italian bakery and dry pastry tradition, as well as country-style produce, quiches, savoury cakes, focaccia and pizza.

We do not use preservatives, colouring agents or palm oil, but only exclusively olive oil, sunflower oil or butter, in line with the recipes of specific items. Our Pizza, in particular, stands out as a product of excellence, thanks to the highest quality flour used and premium seasoning.

We take great care to Particular attention is paid to leavening times, never less than 48 to 72 hours. This meticulous proofing of the dough results in a very light, highly digestible and fragrant product. Respect for the uniqueness of Italian food culture and flavours is the guiding motif of this historic yet youthful restaurant, which is constantly expanding its horizons and introducing a broad assortment of culinary delights: in-season traditional starters and main dishes of regional cuisine paired with carefully selected wines.

Open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Phone +39 06 45429400

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